Student Portfolio Development and Assessment

  • Personalized Student Assessment
  • Matchmaker Assessment – Find careers, majors and studies that match your interests
  • Innovative College Search – Find colleges based on demographics and personalized areas of importance
  • Skills Assessment – Determine if you have the skills necessary for careers that match your interest and find out what you need to do to improve your skill set
  • Learning Styles Inventory – Discover how you learn and retain information and get tips on how to improve your study habits based on your particular learning style

Personalized Private Student Interviews

  • One on one mentoring sessions with NACAC certified college counselors to help you build the optimal school list
  • Detailed report summarizing your interview along with recommendations from your counselor
  • Follow up sessions with your counselor for further guidance on school and major selections
  • Student/Parent Q&A session to answer any questions you may have on the admissions process from start to finish

SET for College Solution 4+4 Roadmap for Success

  • Maps out what you should be doing each year from freshman year of high school until your senior year of college to stay on the path to success

Admission Application Review

  • Our in-house admissions consultants will review admissions applications to ensure accuracy

Admission Essay Review

  • Our NACAC certified counselors will review, edit and critique admissions essays

Enrollment Analysis Report

  • Using our admissions expertise and advanced statistical analysis we will predict your probability of admission at the colleges you are considering
  • A detailed report listing your “Reach”, “Target” and “Safety” school will be provided

Access to our Right Fit Group Coaching Sessions

  • These online expert sessions take place throughout the year and are aimed at guiding you through the entire admissions process.

Additional One-on-One Private Coaching Sessions

  • The Essay Coach provides tips and tricks to ensure your admissions essays have the greatest impact
  • The Interview Coach will walk you through a mock admissions interview. Learn how to execute a well thought out and narrated perspective when doing a live admissions interview
  • The Student Resume Coach teaches you how to build a brag sheet and develop a list of activities that matter to a college admissions officer
  • The Application Coach to walk you through how to spot errors, omissions and inconsistencies that could hinder your acceptance