Personalized Scholarship Eligibility Report

  • Provides students a school-specific list of scholarships and eligibility requirements so they know which merit based aid they may qualify for

College Financial Aid Roadmap

  • provides timelines and deadlines for important financial aid tasks you need to complete
  • email reminders and online portal show you what you’ve completed and what still needs to be done

Free filing of the FAFSA on your behalf

  • You provide the information; we complete the form, ensuring no mistakes before submission

Register and complete the CSS Profile

  • Assist with completing institution-specific financial aid forms

Make necessary changes and updates to your Student Aid report

Guide you through the Appeals Process

  • Evaluate your award offers for fairness and recommend if your are eligible for an appeal
  • Draft appeal letters to negotiate unfair financial aid awards

Advise and counsel on Stafford and PLUS loan applications

Provide recommendations and assistance with finding private student loans

Access to Financial Aid Expert Coaching Sessions

  • Loan Analyzer Expert Session to determine which loan options are best for you
  • Financial Aid Boot Camp Session to help you learn the ins and out of financial aid and how to get the aid you deserve
  • Award letter Evaluator Expert Session to show you how to read an award letter and determine if it’s fair
  • Award Package Negotiator Expert Session to show you how to address the financial aid office when appealing your offer