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Ensuring Higher Education

Client Testimonials


Henry & Jill H.

Collegeville, PA

Before working with Elite Collegiate Planning we were at a loss as to where to begin the whole College planning process. Dave and Michele made it very easy to file the appropriate paperwork and were there to answer our questions!
Within the first two to three months of enrolling in the program we had a sense that we were no longer alone in the very complicated world of financial aid. ECP been there for us every step of the way.
I am so glad we are working with Elite Collegiate Planning because we have a team working with us to make sure we do the best thing to make college affordable.


David & Teresa S.

Eagleville, PA

Before working with ECP, we were very concerned about how we were going to afford helping our three sons pay for college while continuing a comfortable lifestyle ourselves. After enrolling with ECP, Dave helped us to create a financial plan that is affordable and realistic—to help pay for college expenses as well to afford future dreams of our own. We are glad for the opportunity to work with Dave and ECP. We feel more in control of our financial situation, and know that if we stick to the plan we set for ourselves, the money will be there when we need it.

ECP helped us complete the paperwork for the college financial process in a timely manner so we didn’t miss any deadlines. And we are confident our son will get the best financial package possible with their help. The staff is very accessible and answers questions quickly. They are courteous and extremely informative and helpful as we navigate this very complicated process. We would highly recommend this service.


Dawn & Buck S.

Coatesville, PA

After attending one of Elite’s free seminars I realized that there is more to College financial preparation then I had thought. Our family was unaware of the intricacies and challenges of sending our children to college, and the process needed to optimize what is best for our family. Dave and Elite have provided
a life changing education on preparing us for that journey. A couple of months after enrolling with Elite, our family was able to create a plan for addressing our needs for our children’s college education. We are not completely there, but we have gained an understanding of how to get there and are well down the road in a better direction. I’m glad I contacted Dave to discuss our situation, because we have gotten great assistance from Elite. Thank you for that.


Paul & Darla C.

Trooper, PA

We were lost. The task
of learning a whole new
business was staring us
square in the face. The ECP
presentation gave us hope
that there was help on the
Having Dave working for us
while we could concentrate
on life has made a huge
difference. I’ve often said
if you can get through the
paperwork to get into college
you should be handed a
degree. It’s not easy. Having a
professional in our corner has
made this a smooth process.
As we are learning, precollege
life could have been
extremely difficult. Between
choosing a school and
wondering what you could
afford we may very well have
been caught in a vortex of
stress. Dave and ECP have
made us feel like we made
the decision of a lifetime.
Like we cornered the market
on smart.


Sally & Ray F.

Strafford, PA

As my son completed his
sophomore year in high
school, we started looking
deeper into our finances and
became a little concerned
as to how we were going
to pay for college. After
hearing Dave’s introductory
presentation at a local
high school, we became
very interested in learning
more about Elite Collegiate
Planning and the planning
process Dave presented.
Once we got started with
Dave, we gained a much
better picture of our
current financial situation,
and more importantly our
financial picture 30 years
into the future. Dave worked
with us to set up a plan
to manage the financial
impacts of college for our
children and to gain a better
understanding of the financial
impacts of retirement.
We feel that we are in a
much better position to pay
for college without creating
a huge financial burden on
ourselves and worrying about
the overall financial
aid process.


Sue P.

West Chester, PA

I was anxious about what I
should be doing to prepare
for sending my son to college.
Once I started working
with ECP, I received emails
of important timelines in
preparing for college for my
son. Dave laid out a plan on
how to successfully finance
a college education and
steps that my son needed to
take while still in high school
in order for him to gain
acceptance into the colleges
of his choice.
I’m so glad we have been
working with Elite Collegiate
Planning, because today my
family’s life is focused both
financially and academically
on attending the college
of choice for my son.
Dave and Elite Collegiate
Planning have a wealth of
knowledge that they share.
They are a valuable resource
in the college planning
and admission process.
Any questions I have are
addressed immediately
and I have great peace of
mind that my family is on
the right track.


Loretta O.

Phoenixville, PA

Our family was very anxious about the college application process. Upon working with Dave and Elite Collegiate Planning, we received a roadmap that navigated us through the college application process, and we were offered options we were unaware of in regards to funding our daughter’s college education. ECP kept us on track with timely support to guide us through the entire process. Elite Collegiate personnel were very organized and on top of activities such as college essay completion, college selection, and FAFSA submissions and deadlines. Their support provided us significant peace of mind that all of the details were being checked and doublechecked for completeness and accuracy. I highly recommend their services.


Laura & John F.

Wayne, PA

The service that Dave and Elite Collegiate Planning provide is very helpful. Before working with them, I had anxiety about this process. Immediately I was provided information, structure, and support to fully understand my options. ECP provided guidance and timelines to complete the FASFA form and to optimize my son’s financial package. Even though our financial and college choice situation is fairly simple, having the support of CPN has provided me with significant peace of mind that, given our hectic life, nothing will fall through the cracks.

I have enough on my plate already, and Dave and Elite have given us options we didn’t know existed. I like time to think, and I never feel pressured to make decisions. The staff is courteous, well organized, supportive, and accommodating. They are very good at listening and understanding our individual family issues. I highly recommend this service. We now have a game plan to send our three girls to college. Thank you!


Sue & John D.

Downingtown, PA

Our family was concerned about college financial planning, and preparing our children properly to engage in the college search process. Dave and his team met with us and immediately set a course of action to get us financially prepared, and made sure our daughter had the tools to set herself up for success academically.

Within the first few months of enrolling in the program, Dave set up a financial plan that we were comfortable with. He was very thorough in explaining the plan in an easy to understand manner. He also made sure our daughter was prepared properly to get herself in motion academically through the CPN network.

I’m so glad we have been working with Elite Collegiate Planning—today our family’s life is easier without the stress of facing the financial and academic challenges of college prep alone. It’s nice to know we have Dave and his team available as valuable resources to answer questions and advise us on the college prep process.


Mary Jean J.

Chester Springs, PA

Before working with Elite
Collegiate Planning, I was
extremely anxious about how
I was going to send my son
to college. As a single parent,
I thought he would have to
settle for a school that I could
afford, versus attending the
school of his choice. After
working with Dave, my fears
vanished. Of course, I am
thrilled that ECP will fill out
all the necessary financial aid
forms for me, but the service
is so much more than that. I
started this process about 5
years before my son will start
college but had I known what
I know now I would have
started even earlier – just for
peace of mind. The process
can appear daunting but now
I feel I have a true partner to
help me navigate through it.
Dave will work with both my
son and me to ensure we are
both happy with his college
choice. I would strongly
recommend Elite Collegiate
Planning to anyone who has
young children who plan to
go to college.


Joe & Ann D.

West Chester, PA

Like many other parents,
we were overwhelmed by
the sudden realization that
sending a child to college was
no longer years away, but
was happening now. We were
stressed and uncertain of how
to make what money we had
saved stretch, analyze the
financial aid packages, and
how to manage all the other
college related expenses.
That’s when we received
a flyer in the mail for a
presentation with Dave Kozak
at Elite Collegiate Planning,
LLC. After the presentation
we took advantage of the
free consultation. We were
extremely impressed with
Dave and his approach. It
was like he knew us and
what we were going through.
He took his time, listened
to our concerns, and most
importantly was completely
honest about what we were
facing and what we needed
to do to make college
happen. Working with Dave
was one of the best decisions
we ever made—just wish we
had made it sooner. We now
have a realistic plan to make
sure both of our children
attend the college of their
choice and that they also
have a plan to stay on track,
finish their degrees on time
and be headed toward a
successful future.


Aaron & Grace P.

Downingtown, PA

Elite Collegiate Planning
made it simple. Dave’s plan
not only helped us to afford
college, but the plan is poised
to help supplement our
retirement in a big way! We
had no idea that college costs
could change so much. We
cannot thank Dave enough
for teaching us how to do it
without huge loans.